A-Rated timber windows

Timber Windows, Built in Scotland – Distributed UK Wide

Why Choose Timber Over uPVC?

– Timber windows and doors exude an air of sophistication that cannot be replicated by uPVC.
– They won’t fade or discolour and can be easily updated with a fresh coat of paint or stain. Grey may be the fashionable colour now but what happens in 5 years’ time if they are not, it is far cheaper to repaint timber than it is to replace uPVC.
– Timber is a naturally insulating material, offering increased thermal efficiency over uPVC. Our Fully Certified, A rated, Energy timer windows are available in hardwood or softwood and double or triple glazed.
– Timber windows and doors are much easier to repair than uPVC should they become damaged or scratched, and with the right care timber windows will last 60-80 years compared to just 30 years for uPVC.
– Timber is the only truly sustainable building material, emitting less Co2 in the manufacturing process than its manmade rivals. unlike uPVC it is carbon neutral, fully recyclable and biodegradable. You would save approximately three quarters of a tonne of Co2 per average house over the lifetime of windows compared to plastic.

Past Meets Present

Due to tighter legislation regarding heat insulation in buildings, we have developed a range of triple glazed, fully reversible timber windows to exceed the standards required. Our most efficient choice is the ‘TGO.9’, which achieves a U value of 0.9 W/m2k. This timber window has also been awarded an ‘A’ rating with a label index of 15 after rigorous testing by the BFRC.
These timber windows utilise robust electro-galvanized concealed hinges and espagnolette locks for a durable and secure windows. Our windows are fully glazed with advanced sealed units to provide the high degree of efficiency required.

Large range of handles & hardware available.

Factory Finished

An additional option that we provide is a spray application on our external products. Teknos coatings are water based microporous paints specifically designed for exterior joinery. These coatings use resin systems, which when dry are both flexible and breathable, allowing timber to move naturally through the seasons whilst minimising the cracking and peeling associated with traditional solvent based coatings.
Windows need not be just White or Grey, Teknos paint can be made to the specific RAL colour of your choice.